Digital Transformation

The new workforce will work in job types that do not currently exist. This is digital transformation.


Can't Qualify Soft Skills

Employers who say they can’t qualify key soft skills in early talent-hiring programs. The hiring process needs new tools.


Salary Loss

Miss-hire costs up to 4 times the salary of a position and has an impact on existing teams and future company growth.

What we do

Build Confidence in your Early Talent Pipelines

The workforce is at a crossroads and your company can lead the 21st century race for diverse Gen Z & A Talent and be recognized as a leader and organization for innovation.

Workforce development Nonprofits and employers receive detailed PR, HR, CSR and IR Impact Reports of how their programs impact and drive actual workforce inclusion in local, regional, state and DEI communities.

We Help You

Reach a Larger Pool of Talent

Manage Your Talent Pipeline

Administer Internships Efficiently

Identify New Skill Sets

Gain Comprehensive Insight into the Quality of each Candidate

How it works

Companies Trust SkillWaze

We believe our success depends on helping our customers invest in talent pools qualified for the long haul.