Switching toSkills-Based Hiring

65% of organizations are switching to a skills-based hiring approach as part of digital transformation.


Can't Qualify Early Talent Skills

92% of employers say they can’t qualify key soft skills in early talent-hiring programs. The hiring process needs new tools.


Cost Per Bad Hire

With Gen Z & A ghosting employers more and more, failed hires costs up to 4 times the salary of a position, impacts the performance of existing teams and can stunt future company growth.

What we do

Develop Your Skilled Early Talent Pipelines

To win the war on early talent, employers need to win the brand /relationship war a year before Talent Acquisition teams get involved.  With SkillWaze, employers win the early by helping Gen Z & A develop their skills with SkillWaze Virtual Micro-Interships and your current employees playing the role as virtual AlumniHeroes within the SkillWaze Platform.

We Help You Win The Early Talent War Early

Reach a Larger Skilled Talent Pool

Improve The Quality of Your Early Talent Pipeline

Let us Administer Your Skill Based Internships

Identify Key New Skill Sets

Gain Comprehensive Insight into the Quality of each Candidate

How SkillWaze Virtual Micro-Internships work

Student Teams Complete Tasks

Alumni Advisors Provide Feedback

Companies Trust SkillWaze

We believe our success depends on helping our customers invest in talent pools qualified for the long haul.